Environmentally Friendly Dust Control
End Dust III Mag Crystal performs as an outstanding dust suppressant and soil stabilizer. End Dust III Mag Crystal dust control has been extensively tested to determine that it is safe for the environment, safe for workers handling the product, and non-corrosive to the vehicles and equipment used to apply the product and travel treated roads.

It contains effective binding agents to hold soil particles together and prevent them from being dispersed into the air.

It is used in the treatment of unpaved roads, parking lots, parks, and similar high dust areas. It can also be used to suppress dust from ores and coal.

Dust control is a very real problem for businesses which operate construction sites, mining operations, coal-fired power plants, landfills, etc. The problem of dust control is that the dust particle is so small and so plentiful that many methods of controls just don’t work effectively.

Dust can be a problem for people, from a health standpoint or as a nuisance that destroys landscaping and real estate properties. Dust can also cause premature wear on machines and heavy equipment on construction sites or any commercial or industrial area. Methods of control include wetting the area where dust is being produced; however, this process must be repeated up to several times per day at a very large expense, and it is not very effective. Sometimes dust fences or barricades are used, but these are also not very effective.

A different approach to this problem is to apply a soil stabilizer to the affected area, which then adheres the particles of dust to the soil surface before they can become airborne. By doing so, the amount of dust is drastically reduced and the problem will be controlled.

The versatility of End Dust III Mag Crystal allows the applicator to design the application to provide the highest efficiency depending on prevailing dust conditions, anticipated traffic and type of soil, as well as obtaining the greatest possible economy. Some soil types may be best treated with a one-time heavy application of product, whereas others may require several light applications. As a general rule, the rate of penetration of End Dust III Mag Crystal is rapid in sandy soil, moderately fast in silty soil and slow in soil containing clay.

Application Methods
1. With a grader- “tight blades” specified area to scarify granular material to at least a depth of 1 ½ inches.
2. Thoroughly wet area to be treated. Apply End Dust III Mag Crystal with a spreader.
3. Do one side of the road, allowing traffic on an opposite side.
4. After approximately 30 minutes, allow traffic on the finished side to help “pack” application to the surface of the road. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the road, allowing traffic on the other side. Reapply in approximately 90 days.


Clean Up
End Dust III Mag Crystal will not harm plants, animals, or fish, but like any material used to control dust, it must be handled responsibly by all personnel involved in the marketing, handling and application of this product.