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Seasonal Road Dust Control

Our dust control product is an outstanding dust suppressant and soil stabilizer. It can be used in treatment of unpaved roads, parking lots and similar high dust areas. It is safe around vegetation, water supply... Click Here For More

Road Repairs

Instant Asphalt Patch contains a blend of adhesive resins, oils to maintain flexibility before application, hard asphalt to ensure a hard permanent patch and chemical additive to enable boding in damp conditions. Rubberized Crack Filler... Click Here For More

De-Icing Products

Winter is here so be sure to stock up on our environmentally-friendly de-icing products. Salt is ravaging our bridges, highways, walkways and equipment with costly results. We are offering a less corrosive alternative. THESE PRODUCTS... Click Here For More

Tradeshows 2016

We attended the SUMA Convention in Regina from January 31st to February 3rd and it was a great success! For more information on SUMA visit their website: http://www.suma.org/ The 2017 Convention will be held February 5 to 8,... Click Here For More

Magnesium Chloride VS Calcium Chloride

What’s the difference between magnesium chloride and calcium chloride? Magnesium Chloride holds 6 molecules of H2O compared to calcium that can hold 2 molecules. Magnesium Chloride is safer to vegetation. Magnesium Chloride is less corrosive... Click Here For More

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